Passengers with Reduced Mobility

At FlixTrain we strive to provide a pleasant journey for all our passengers. For this reason, we make sure to adapt our services and trains to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility as well. On this page, you find useful information on how you can register your assistance needs prior to your trip with us.

If you do not need assistance around the station and can get on and off the train by yourself, you can book your ticket as usual without contacting our customer service.


Booking a ticket for traveling with wheelchair or walking aids 

If you would like to travel with your wheelchair or walking aids on the train, please book your ticket by contacting our customer service at least 7 days prior to departure.

The maximum allowed dimensions of the wheelchair is 79 cm x 120 cm and maximum weight is 350 kg. On board, we have accessible toilets and designated seating areas for passengers traveling in a wheelchair.

  • Germany: DB Station und Service is responsible for providing a platform lift for passengers traveling with a wheelchair.
  • Sweden: Please keep in mind that there is a height difference from the platform up to the entrance of the train and we do not offer a wheelchair lift. You must be able to get onboard on your own or with the help of a accompanying assistant.
Assistance in and around the station

If you need assistance at the station but can manage the actual journey on your own, you can request for station assistance to help you. Please see country specifications below:

  • Germany: The Mobility Service Center of Deutsche Bahn (DB MSC) will help you at the station and with getting on and off the train. If you are traveling with a wheelchair they assist with a wheelchair lift. Please register no later than 8 pm the day prior to departure and send the confirmation of carriage afterwards to You can reach DB MSC by:
    Telephone number: +49 (0)30 65212888 (The standard fees for calls to the German landline network apply.)
  • Sweden: You can book station assistance by contacting our customer service no later than 36 hours prior to your departure. Please note that the station assistant does not provide assistance with getting on and off the train. Should you require help with getting on and off, please take an assistant with you for the entire journey. More information in the next section "Traveling with an assistant".
Traveling with an assistant

If you need assistance during your entire journey, we suggest that you bring along a traveling companion. You can request a seat for your assistant free of charge by contacting our customer service no later than 7 days prior to departure, who will then book a seat for your assistant.

Please make sure to bring the below specified documents to confirm that your disability requires an assistant to accompany you on your trip. Please see country specifications below.

  • Germany: Disability card or medical certificate.
  • Sweden: No documents required.
Traveling with a service / guide dog

If you need to bring your guide dog on your trip, please book your ticket as usual and then contact our customer service no later than 36 hours prior to departure in order to add your guide dog to the booking free of charge.

Please make sure to bring necessary documentation for your dog on your trip. Please see country specifications below.

  • Germany: Dog training certificate that proves your dog is an assistance dog.
  • Sweden: Service dog certificate/ID-card may be required.

We wish you a great trip on our trains! If you have any more questions, take a look at our FAQs or contact our customer service.