Transport your bike on FlixTrain

Want to go on a bike tour in Dresden, along the Rhine River in Cologne, or simply roll through the streets of Berlin? The number of spots is endless – and the best thing about it – there is a FlixTrain that takes you to all these places.

You are welcome to bring your bike on FlixTrain! Our trains are equipped with bike racks where you can park your bike during your trip.*

*Currently, bike slots are only offered on the FLX30 Aachen - Cologne - Berlin - Dresden route. You can look at the schedule here.


Transporting your bike on Flixtrain

Terms and conditions for transporting your bike

•   Bicycles must be of a standard size without attachments and may not exceed a weight of 20 kg.
•   Transportation is limited to one bike per passenger.
•   E-Scooters, tandems or tricycles are not allowed. When transporting electric bicycles and pedelecs, the battery must be disconnected/detached.
•   Bicycle carriers must be foldable and transported folded together. This also applies to combinations of bicycle trailers and strollers.

You can find the complete T&Cs here.

To keep in mind before traveling with your bike:

•   You must lead the bike around the station, riding the bike in and around the station is prohibited.
•   You may use the elevator and stairs but not the escalators.
•   Be careful and respect fellow travelers when transporting your bike.
•   Remember to have enough time to prepare to get off the train with your bike at your stop.

Have more questions?

  • Online during the booking process, simply add the space for your bike to the reservation where you select passengers.
  • Book the trip for you and your bike.

You can also book your bike slot in our FlixShops or with official ticket resellers (find a ticket sales point near you here) or online after completed ticket purchase via Manage My Booking.

  • You can find the prices for bikes here.
  • Please note that each listed price is valid for one single trip.

Bring your bike to the train, attach the bike by hanging it onto the rack (see picture). We recommend that you lock your bike as well.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will get a seat in the same coach as the bike rack, so make sure to first get on where the bicycle rack is located (usually in the front or rear of the train) and then continue to the coach where your seat is.