Booking/booking confirmation


First check whether the email confirmation has been sent to your email's spam folder.

Your booking confirmation is not in your spam folder?

If you know your booking number, you can sign on here with your name and your email address and download your ticket again.

If you can't get through here either, simply contact us on Facebook or call our customer service.


Yes, you will automatically receive an invoice for every booking. You can find it right under your ticket in the booking confirmation.

If you need a signed invoice, check the "I require an invoice" box when selecting a payment method while booking.


Our app and website

The easiest way is to book your trip directly with our FlixTrain app on your smartphone. Your ticket will be saved under "My Tickets". You can present it using your phone while boarding. Using the FlixTrain app, you can book, just as when booking via our website, at our cheapest fares. There are also special exclusive deals on the FlixTrain app. You will also receive the booking confirmation via email.

Ticket outlets and shops

Our employees and partners are happy to help you select a connection that suits you. You can find a nearby ticket office or a FlixBus/FlixTrain shop here.


You can also book your tickets via telephone by speaking to our customer service. To do so, you will need a credit card, or you can pay via direct debit if you live in the EU.

On the train

Our train attendants will be happy to assist you. You can purchase a ticket from a train attendant if there are enough free spots. There are no discount or sales prices or group price discounts on the train. The receipt for cash payment on the train is both your ticket as well as your booking confirmation. In any case, make sure that you have enough cash on you.

A processing fee applies if you purchase a ticket at a ticket office in one of our shops or via telephone.


We put together the most common questions and answers here for you. Try one of the following solutions depending on which exact problem you have:

Missing a booking confirmation?

  • Check whether the email confirmation has been sent to your email's spam folder.

Error during payment?

  • Empty the cache (browser process), delete the cookies on your PC, and try it again after restarting the browser.
  • Try it with another payment method. Please note that fees are calculated for some payment methods.
  • If a new window does not open for an instant transfer in order to enter your 3D Secure code, turn off your popup blocker and try it again.
  • Contact your bank in order to verify whether you can use the selected payment method.

Error on the website?

  • Use another browser. Our website is optimized for the Chrome browser.
  • Empty the cache (browser process), delete the cookies on your PC, and try it again after restarting the browser. Update your browser. We use very high security standards and our website is optimized for the latest browser version.

None of that helped?

  • Book using our FlixTrain app. Always keep the app up-to-date. As an alternative, you can refer to our customer service in order to book your trip or go to one of our FlixTrain ticket offices near you.

Yes, that is not a problem. Enter your friend's name and email address while booking so that he or she will receive the ticket directly, or forward the email with the ticket to your friend. Your friend can also enter the booking number using the FlixTrain app and have the ticket directly on his or her phone. Please also enter your friend's phone number so that he or she does not miss important information for his or her trip.


Your ticket will be sent to the email address you entered while booking as an attached printable PDF file.


For your journey with us you need a valid FlixTrain ticket. Not valid for the FlixTrain are DB tickets (incl. Bahncard), local transport tickets, regional tickets, soldier tickets, semester ticktet etc.


No, you can simply present the QR code on your ticket while on the train. Keep the environment in mind.

Passengers with limited mobility


If you have limited mobility and need help getting on/off or into the train, please contact the Deutsche Bahn Mobility Service Centre.

The Mobility Service Centre can be reached through the following contact channels:

Telephone number: 0180 6 512 512 (20 ct/call from landline; rate for mobile phones max. 60 ct/call)
E-mail: msz@deutschebahn.com
To the barrier-free contact form.

If you can make it to your seat (without assistance) despite your limited mobility, book your desired route directly via our website.

Please note that for passengers travelling in a wheelchair we have specially designated seats. Just contact us via contact form, and we will assign you a seat.

In general, we can transport wheelchairs up to a width of 65 cm (24"). On the route from Hamburg to Cologne and back, we can even take wheelchairs up to 75 cm (29") wide. The maximum length is 120 cm (47.2"). In addition, our ramps and lifts have a weight limit of 350 kg (771.6 lbs).


Modifying bus stops to be barrier-free will still take some time, meaning we are not yet able to provide a comprehensive network. However, since we do not operate the stops, we cannot provide sufficient information about the infrastructure at this time. It is therefore best if you contact DB Station and Service before your trip and inquire about how the station is currently equipped. You can contact the DB mobility service daily between 6am to 10pm under +49 180 6 51 25 12 (20 cents per call from a German landline, max. 60 cents per call from a German mobile network; costs for calls from abroad depending on provider).


Your escort or guide dog travels at absolutely no cost, if you can present official or medical proof of the necessity of constant support. We will book a seat for your escort or guide dog after you have finishing booking. Simply call our customer service no later than 36 hours before the planned departure.

You must be able to present proof on the train. These documents serve as an example:

  • In Germany, this is the Schwerbehindertenausweis [disabled person's pass] or a medical certificate attesting to such

n order to make your trip as pleasant as possible, we recommend traveling with an escort that can assist you as needed. In any case, you should contact us promptly before you travel so that we are able to go through the details of your trip with you. To do so, it is important that you tell us of your needs (boarding and disembarking assistance, information on limited mobility, etc.) no later than 36 hours before the planned departure. You can reach us at +49 30 300 137 100 or via contact form.

Route information


You can find all of the bookable connections using our search form in our FlixTrain app and online on our website. Our current network can be found here.


Our connections can be booked no later than approximately 4 to 6 weeks in advance using our FlixTrain app and on our website. Many connections can be booked much earlier. If you still cannot find your desired connection, try varying the stops. Alternatively, you can always keep an eye on the FlixTrain app or our website. Get the complete package by signing up to our newsletter and/or becoming a fan on Facebook. You can learn what is new and about exclusive competitions here.

Ticket outlets


You can find a map with all ticket offices here. You can find an overview of all of our shops above the map.

Traveling with children


Yes, our young passengers who are less than 15 years old travel with us at discounted prices.You simply book these discounted tickets during the booking process. In addition to child prices, there are also group prices and other discounts.

At the time of booking, we calculate the cheapest price for you from all available rates and discounts.


The safety of our little passengers is especially important to us. We therefore ask you to please note the following:

Up to 10 years: Please always be accompanied by someone who is of age.
10-14 years: Children between 10 and 14 years old may travel alone if they have a declaration of consent from their parent or legal guardian (to be provided while booking). Please understand that our train personnel cannot assume supervisory duties. Please only send your child to travel alone if you are certain that your child "is big enough already".
Additionally, your child may only travel on domestic trips that do not have transfers and that take place during the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Beyond 15 years old, there are no obstacles to traveling alone. Just make sure that your child has all necessary documents and IDs with them.

Seat reservation


Yes, you can reserve your desired seat when booking your FlixTrain ticket via FlixTrain.de, depending on availability. You can get your place at the window for € 3,99. The aisle and centre seats can be reserved for € 3.49. However, there is no obligation to make a reservation.

Our trains are generally first come first serve. We recommend being on the train as early as possible if you want to get a certain seat. If you are not able to get your desired seat, simply ask one of the other passengers if they will trade with you. Disabled passengers and those traveling with children will be given preferred seating, of course.

We will notify you if the connection you are booking allows for seat reservations. After entering your passenger info, you will be provided with the option of reserving a seat. It is easier to do this online, via a web browser. You may also reserve a seat while purchasing a ticket at one of our ticket offices. This option is not available when booking via the check-in assistants or via the app.

How much does it cost to reserve a seat?

The fee for reserving a seat depends on the type of selected seats:

  • Panorama seats: € 3.99
  • Classic seats: € 3.49
How to add, change, cancel a seat reservation?

While we test this system, it will not be possible to add a seat reservation at a later date or change an already existing seat reservation. If you would like to cancel a seat reservation, go to Change/cancel booking.

Can I reserve seats for groups?

Yes, you can reserve seats for more than one person. Reserved seats are not assigned to certain persons in your group booking. Each group member is free to choose their own seat.

My train allows seat reservations, where can I sit?

If you have a seat reservation:

Trains that allow seat reservations have dedicated coaches labelled as such. If you have a seat reservation, you will find your seat number on your ticket. This number is composed of:

  • Coach number: indicated on the doors outside of the coach
  • Seat number: indicated on the compartment doors and above the seats
    • The number points to the row where the seat is located
    • The letter points to the seat
If you don’t have a seat reservation:

You can freely choose your seat in one of the non-reservable coaches, indicated by a “free seating” label on the entrance doors. If you don’t have a seat reservation, please sit only in one of the non-reservable coaches because even if a reservable seat is available, someone else might have booked later in the journey.
How long is my seat reservation valid?

As long as you board the train, your seat reservation is valid for the entire duration of your trip.

Changing & cancelling


Of course. You can edit your booking quickly and easily here.

After every change, you will then receive a new booking confirmation per email.

You can modify the following components of a booking:

Telephone number: Free to change.

Passenger name: Free to change.

If your trip is more expensive when it is changed than when it was booked, the change will carry the price difference.

You can cancel the entire booking or just a portion of your trip. The fees will be shown to you during the cancellation process. After you have selected the desired trip, it is important to then confirm your selection. Lastly, enter your email address and you will receive a voucher.

Various fees apply per trip and per passenger when cancelling. The fee amount depends on the date of your original booking and on how many days before the trip you want to cancel your booking. The fees can be found here.


Sure, and this is how:

  • On the FlixTrain app, go to My Tickets the on the menu line
  • Select Upcoming (trips)
  • Click on the trip that you want to modify
  • Select Change
  • Simply click on the trip in the FlixTrain app and follow the instructions.

Yes, that is not a problem. To FlixTrain, changing means cancelling the old trip and booking a new trip!

This is how:

  • Check to see if your desired new connection is still available.
  • Cancel your old trip in exchange for a voucher. You will receive this via email.
  • Now book a new trip and use the voucher to do so. You will receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number. If your new trip is somewhat more expensive than the old one, you simply pay the difference.
What happens if I accidentally make a mistake while booking?

If you notice after booking that you made a mistake, you can make changes at no cost within the first 60 minutes. Already booked trips are exempt from this rule.

I can't log in to the cancel page. What now?

Make sure everything is spelled correctly in the login box. Enter your booking number without the '#' and your email address or name must be entered exactly as they were when booking.

I didn't receive a voucher. Why not?

Something obviously went wrong during the cancellation process. Log in again here and check to see whether you finished cancelling.

How do I cancel my ticket for a delayed train?

If your train is delayed by 60 minutes or more, simply contact our customer service who will be happy to assist you.

I was automatically rebooked to another trip and can't cancel, what do I do?

Contact our customer service or write to us on Facebook so that we can find an alternative for you.

Departure & arrival

Delay information / departure time

My train is delayed. What do I do?

If your train is delayed, we will notify you via text, or via push notification if you booked using the FlixTrain app and have turned this option on. You can also check for delays yourself under Current Route Info or on the ticket view of the FlixTrain app.

If FlixTrain tells you about a delay, you can be certain that you will not miss the train, provided that you are at your station 15 minutes before the new departure time.

I would like to pick someone up, so where can I see if a train is on time?

You can check current delays using the following link. Here you just need to select the relevant stop or destination and check the time of arrival.


When you select a train connection, you will see the respective local times and the trip duration. Time changes apply everywhere, even to our departure times.

Transfer routes


If you booked a transfer connection, FlixTrain guarantees that you will arrive at your destination. If you missed a transfer connection due to a delay in the first trip, we will book you on the next possible alternative connection at no cost. You will be informed of such via text or email, of course. Alternatively, you can write us a message on Facebook or call our customer service.


We are very sorry that your travel plans have gotten mixed up. If you booked another connection independent of FlixTrain, however, we cannot offer to change your booking or give you a refund. We hope you understand and recommend that you book an earlier train in such situations, since delays are often difficult to predict.



You can redeem your voucher while booking on the FlixTrain app or on the website. It is best to copy the voucher code directly from the email. Click the "Redeem" button while booking in order to apply the value of your voucher. You may redeem one voucher per booking.

You can also redeem your voucher while booking on the telephone or in one of our shops or ticket agencies. You cannot redeem vouchers when booking through train attendants.


If you received your voucher through a promotion or as goodwill, it can only be redeemed once. It expires after this.


Always redeem your voucher before it expires because we cannot renew it, unfortunately.

Payment & refunds

Forms of payment


There are different payment methods depending on where you buy your ticket.

Online booking/ app: Direct debit, credit card (VISA/MasterCard/Amex/Diners Club/JCB/Discover), PayPal and instant transfer

At ticket outlets/ travel agencies: All of the payment options offered by the agent. Cash is always accepted too.

With a train attendant: Cash and card payment for proof of purchase. The proof of purchase is also your ticket.

On our FlixTrain connection Hamburg – Cologne you can now pay by credit card (VISA/MasterCard) and/or debit card (EC card) as well.
On our FlixTrain connection Berlin – Stuttgart you can also pay by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/American Express/Visa Electron/JCB/Diners Club) and/or debit card (EC card/Maestro/V-PAY/) as well.

Note: Train attendants can only offer you tickets at normal price.

Via telephone: Credit card (MasterCard/Visa/Amex/Diners Club/JCB/Discover) and via direct debit for customers who reside in the EU

Some payment methods are associated with fees that are calculated by third parties. You can always find at least one payment method that is free of charge. There are generally no fees when booking via our FlixTrain app. A processing fee applies if you purchase a ticket at a ticket office in one of our shops or via telephone.

Problems with payment


It is very important that you enter your information exactly as it appears on your card. Please make sure your name and address are entered correctly. If that doesn't help, try selecting another payment method.


In order to pay via instant transfer, you must have an online banking account with your bank. You must turn off your popup blocker so that you can log into your online banking account with your information. It should work then.


Credit card agencies have introduced the so-called 3D Secure system to provide you with special security. It allows you to confirm your identity using a password. You will therefore be required to authenticate your card.

If you fail to do so, payment will not be completed and you will receive an error message. You will then have to contact your bank regarding this 3D Secure security check in order to initiate additional payments. We cannot assist you further here, unfortunately.

Until you do so, you are free to make a new booking using another payment method.


FlixTrain will not send you any warnings. If you have received a warning, it came from a payment provider. Please refer to the contact information given in the warning.


First look in your email inbox (as well as your spam folder) to see if you have not yet received a booking confirmation in order to avoid a double booking.

If you do not have a booking confirmation in your email inbox, you are free to try another payment method and try to book again.


First check your spam folder to see if your booking confirmation is there. If not, we will automatically return the amount within a few business days. If you have not received a refund, please contact us using our contact form.



Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Simply use it for your next trip with one of our trains by entering it during the booking process.



You can take one hand baggage item and one hold baggage item at no cost. Only baggage that neither impedes nor endangers the safety and order of operations or of other passengers is allowed. If you can independently load, remove, and reload your baggage, and your baggage is not bulky, then everything is fine. For storage, you may use the baggage racks in the car as well as the spot above and below your seat. You are responsible for monitoring your baggage yourself.

If you booked your transfer connection in combination with FlixBus, then the bus connection conditions apply. You can find these conditions here.



You are free to bring your bike with you if it has standard dimensions without any added pieces and you can still load, unload and reload it independently. You can also take your e-bike on board with you, but please note that the battery must be removed for this. You can add your bike for € 9 while booking. A small tip: If there is no free space for a bicycle on your desired connection, try varying the stops. Someone might get off at the next stop, making room for your bike.

You are also free to take collapsible bikes with you in the provided carrying bag. To do so, simply call our customer service in order to report the collapsible bike as special baggage for € 9.

If you booked your transfer connection in combination with FlixBus, then the bus connection conditions apply. You can find these conditions here.


No, that is not possible. We will only transport bicycles, just like baggage, when you are there with them for security reasons.

Lost baggage


It is best to fill out our lost item form right away so that we can start looking. If you have any questions about your lost/forgotten item, you can always send it in writing using our contact form on our website.

Additional baggage


You may take with you pets that are up to the size of a house cat carried in suitable, secure containers at no cost. The containers must be designed in such a way that they do not disturb other passengers or damage items and property. Pets are not to be transported on passenger seats. If you purchase an extra ticket at the child's price, you may take a dog with you on the train which is larger than a house cat, if it is on a leash and wearing a muzzle (no transport crate).

If you booked your transfer connection in combination with FlixBus, then the bus connection conditions apply. You can find these conditions here.


If there is still room on the train, you are free to take an additional baggage item with you. The same dimensions apply here as with hold baggage. Additional baggage can also be booked for € 2. If your luggage exceeds the normal travel dimensions, please contact our customer service before departure under +49 30 300 137 100. Please also note, however, that in this case the transport depends on the trains capacity. For the special luggage you pay € 9 to the train staff in cash.

If you booked your transfer connection in combination with FlixBus, then the bus connection conditions apply. You can find these conditions here.

Wheelchairs/ Strollers


We transport collapsible wheelchairs or walking aids and other assistance devices for free. In order to verify the possibility of transportation, we request that you report the exact model of the wheelchair or other assistance devices to customer service via telephone under +49 30 300 137 100 not earlier than 14 days and no later than 36 hours before your trip.


For reasons of space, we can only accept assembled strollers on trains with multipurpose cars. Please contact our customer service under +49 30 300 137 100 before departure if your stroller is not collapsible. On trains without multipurpose cars, we can only accept collapsed strollers. When parking your stroller, please make sure that other passengers can still move about freely.

If you booked your transfer connection in combination with FlixBus, then the bus connection conditions apply. You can find these conditions here.



Your concerns are important to us. Please be patient. Everyday, we work as quickly as possible to respond to all inquiries. Sometimes this takes a little more time. You may find an answer to your question in the items here on the help page. Give it a shot.


After your trip ends, you will normally receive a questionnaire from us via email. Your feedback is important to us, and we would appreciate you filling it out for us.

You did not receive a questionnaire after your last trip? The reason for this could be that your last trip with us took place very recently. In order to keep from sending you too many emails, we do not send the questionnaire for every trip to those who travel with us often, rather every 14 days max.

If you did not receive your questionnaire, but would still like to share something with us, simply use the contact form on our website.


Our trains offer onboard restrooms, comfortable seats, and reading lamps. There are also free snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and many trains also provide outlets.

It may happen that you encounter a dead spot during the trip or that not all passengers will be able to surf the web at the same time. In rare cases, the free Wi-Fi and outlets may not be provided.


You may also eat and drink on our green trains so that you feel completely at home and relaxed while you travel. However, please keep your fellow travelers in mind and follow a few guidelines:

  • Avoid strong-smelling foods for the sake of the common well-being.
  • Leave your seat like you would like to find it: no crumbs, food leftovers or trash. You will find waste bins for your packaging waste on the train.
  • On the topic of alcohol, please also keep your fellow travelers in mind. Note that the train attendant may exclude you from travel if you consequently misbehave.

Our tickets are only valid for the exact connection that you booked with us. You will need to buy the relevant ticket for a transfer onto local transportation or any other means of transportation. The same applies to the journey to your initial stop/station.

Customer account


You have two options:

While booking, you can also create a customer account for yourself at the same time by clicking the box in the corresponding field on the payment page. You will receive an email after booking in which you confirm your registration.

Or you can register directly using the login page on our website, confirming this in the email you are sent afterwards.


You can also "link with Facebook" on the login page or the passenger information page; you need only to agree on the new window that opens. Required: You are already logged in to your Facebook account. After this, you are fully registered and will receive a confirmation email. There is nothing else to do.

We will not, of course, post anything to your Facebook timeline.


You can reset your password here.


You can have the confirmation email sent to you again here.


It is super useful having the option to save your payment methods to your customer account! This makes booking with us even faster.

If you are logged in, you can agree to save your payment information simply by checking a box. All of your tickets are listed in your customer account under "My Bookings" after confirming registration with your email address.

Of course, you can also make bookings for other people - family or friends - but make sure that you have entered the correct passenger name.

Your personal information and payment data are in safe hands with us, needless to say. We do not send any information to third parties. You can find more about this by viewing our data protection guidelines.



With InterFlix, you can tour through 5 cities of your choice. Cross Europe for € 99.

You receive 5 vouchers per InterFlix pass which you can redeem on our website, on the FlixBus app, in our shops, or in our ticket outlets. You can redeem one voucher per trip.


You can buy an InterFlix pass for € 99 via PayPal here, for yourself as well as your friends. It can take up to 48 hours to activate the vouchers, and then you can book your trip.


You can buy 5 direct trips of your choice (no transfers) within our entire network. Without a doubt, you can cross the entire continent with over 350,000 connections to over 2,000 destinations in 28 European countries.

Since InterFlix is intended to be a circular tour, you cannot book a direct return trip.


Even if your plans change, InterFlix allows you to remain flexible. Find yourself a new destination and simply have our customer service change your booking on the phone. You are also free to speak to us on Facebook.

Cancellations are not possible.


If none of the 5 vouchers have been redeemed, you can back out of the purchase agreement within 14 days after the sale. To do so, use our contact form.

Find the answers to all of your questions on our FAQ page

Can't find the answer to your question?

Simply complete our contact form and let us know your concern here. We'd be happy to help you!