Services on Our Trains

Our services on board with FlixTrain

Our train guarantees you the best service! With FlixTrain, you have a guaranteed seat, free Wi-Fi*, a comfortable seat with extra legroom, outlets for your devices, and room for your luggage.


To keep you from getting bored, you have free access to our Wi-Fi on the train* and can thus surf the internet, chat with friends, and check your emails for the whole trip.

Guaranteed Seat

With every FlixTrain ticket you receive a guaranteed seat to ensure you always arrive to your destination feeling relaxed and comfortable. You can optionally opt to choose your favourite seat through our booking tool. 1 ticket = 1 seat.


Do you want to surf the internet, chat, or work on your laptop, but your battery is dead? No problem! Just use the outlets or USB-outlets at your seat.


Still a few minutes left at your stop? No need to be alarmed!  There are enough restrooms on all of our trains.


Our trains also provide you with sufficient room for your luggage. Simply stow it on the racks or below your seat and lean back and relax. Luggage information can be found by reading our luggage policy.


Our FAQ page provides you with direct answers to many questions online.  If you still have questions, please fill out our contact form.

*Our Wi-Fi is still in beta on some trains. We are doing our best to improve these systems as quickly as possible.