Seat Reservations

Want to sit next to your friends or family? Or travel in the most convenient way possible? Then reserve the seat of your choice during the booking process. There are different seat categories tailored to your needs.

Seat Categories

Classic Seat

  • Decide whether you want a window or an aisle seat
  • Sit next to your friends or family

Comfort seat

  • Enjoy more legroom during your trip

Table Seat

  • Perfect for playing cards, working or studying during your trip

Extra Seat

  • Reserve the free seat next to you
  • Enjoy extra space

How can I reserve a seat?

Seat reservation during the booking

1. If seat reservation is possible on your desired trip, you will be able to reserve a seat in the booking process.

2. To do so, click the "Seat Reservation" field.

3. Check the seat map and select your preferred seat. Seats marked with an X cannot be reserved.

4. Availability and reservation fee vary depending on the route, line, seat category (aisle, window, row, or table), and time of booking. 

Seat map

5. Continue with the booking and find your selected seat number on your booking confirmation.

6. On the train, your seat number will be indicated at eye-level along the overhead luggage compartment.

The images only serve as illustration. The actual fees can vary and depend on the respective trip.


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