Manage My Booking

Manage My Booking is a platform where you can easily manage all your booking and travel details and download all documentation and boarding passes.

On Manage My Booking, you can:

Please note: Flix charges a service fee to invest further in customer-facing tools that enhance the convenience of travel such as "Manage My Booking / self-service tool for changing trips, adding luggage". For further information, please see

Edit Passenger and Contact Details

We want to ensure you have your contact details up-to-date, so all changes are free. Don’t forget to add your phone number so that you can receive trip updates via SMS.

To edit a passenger’s name, click on "Edit/Remove Passengers".
To edit the contact details of the main traveler, click on "Edit Contact Details".

If there is a fare difference from the original booking, you might have to pay to edit passenger details. Tickets are non-transferable; to remove a passenger, check "Cancel Trip(s)".

Reschedule Trip to a New Date or Time

To change the date or time of your trip, click on "Change Departure Date/Time" and confirm the new selection. Keep in mind that the departure time must be +15 min from the time of your confirmation. To choose a new departure or arrival destination, you must cancel your trip and book a new one.

Depending on the new trip, you might have to pay for the fare difference, or you’ll get a refund if the new trip is cheaper. You can only reschedule a trip at a time.

Add Additional Luggage

 You can add new checked or special luggage at any time.

All changes are subject to availability depending on the trip.

Cancel Booking

If you have to cancel your trip or part of it, refund options will be presented according to the conditions in the market you are traveling.

To cancel your entire booking or part of your trip, click on "Cancel Trip(s)".
To remove passengers from your booking, click on "Edit/Remove Passengers".
To cancel added seats or luggage, click on "Cancel Luggage/Extras".

All cancellations made within 30 days before departure may be subject to a cancellation fee (breakdown can be found here).

Manage Delays and Cancellations

If Flix has cancelled your ride, or is responsible for a significant delay from departure, you may be entitled to further support. Manage My Booking will allow you to reschedule to another Flix ride free of charge or process a refund, according to the conditions in the market you are traveling.