Group bookings for FlixTrain

Group booking

Dear traveler,

You can request group trips on the train using the form below.
Here you can also reserve seats side by side to experience the trip together with your group.


  • Fill in the form below
  • Receive an individual offer normally within 3 business days.
  • Book the connection by accepting the offer in writing and providing us any additional information requested.
  • If all relevant information is received, your group booking will be processed!


  • 40+ people
  • Service: School and club excursions possible for groups from 20 people
  • Cancellation requirements per FlixTrain request form
  • In addition, the  General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of FlixTrain GmbH apply.
  • Bookable a maximum of one year before trip departure and only for routes that are already sold commercially.
  • Attention: no group discounts available