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Luggage on a FlixTrain

Each FlixTrain has plenty of space for your luggage. To make your trip as pleasant and safe as possible, there are some regulations to regard.

Your FlixTrain ticket includes the FREE transportation of:

FlixTrain Carry-On Bag: 7 kg; 30 cm x 18 cm x 42 cm

1x Carry-On Bag

For safety reasons, you must stow your carry-on bag underneath your seat, or in the overhead compartment above your seat.  

Note: Carry valuables (identification, electronics, etc.) with you in your carry-on bag.

FlixTrain Checked Bag: 20 kg; 50 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm

1x Checked Bag

Your luggage must not be bulky nor endanger or disturb the safety and order of the establishment or other travelers. You should be able to load, unload, and reload all luggage yourself.

You may stow your bags in the luggage racks in the car as well as the space above and below your seat. You are solely responsible for monitoring your luggage.

Lost your bag? Please fill out our Lost & Found form.

Carrying more items?

Additional Luggage
FlixTrain Additional Luggage: 20 kg; 50 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm

How much additional luggage can I take with me?

You are allowed to bring 1 additional luggage per passenger.

How much does additional luggage cost?

The fee for additional luggage is €3.99.

How do I book additional luggage?

  • Online during the booking process
  • In our FlixShops or with our official ticket resellers
  • Online after completed ticket purchase via Manage your bookings

Special Note

There is limited space for additional luggage on the train. We recommend booking your additional luggage as early as possible.


All of our trains are equipped with reservable bicycle storage. 

Bicycles must be of a standard size, without additional attachments, and may not exceed 20 kg (45 lbs). We recommend that you book your bicycle slot early due to limited capacity. 

The cost of transporting each bicycle is €9, regardless of the travel duration or the ticket price.

Transporting your bike on FlixTrain:

For more information on bike transport, click here.

FlixTrain Strollers: 30 kg; length + width + height = max. 240 cm
Width + Length + Height = max. 240 cm

How many strollers can I take with me?

As strollers are considered special luggage, you can bring 1 stroller per passenger.

How much does it cost?

Strollers are transported for free.

How do I book a stroller?

In order to transport assembled strollers on certain trains, you may need to reserve a place to park it. Please call our customer service starting 48 hours before the departure time to register your stroller.

Foldable strollers are to be stowed in a manner that does not affect other passengers.

Wheelchairs / Walking Aids

You must inform us by phone about your wheelchair and/or walking aid no later than 36 hours before departure. Please also notify us if you require assistance when boarding the train. 

If you are traveling in a wheelchair or with a walking aid, please read through our Persons with Reduced Mobility page before your trip.


Am I allowed to bring my pet on board? 

Regulation for FlixTrain rides in Germany:

Pets are only allowed on FlixTrain; they are not allowed on any connecting trips with the FlixBus.

Small pets: Small pets are transported free of charge. You may take small living pets that are up to the size of a house cat. They cannot be dangerous and must be carried in suitable, stable containers. The containers must be designed in such a way that they do not adversely affect people and property. Pets are not to be transported on passenger seats.

Large pets: Pets that cannot be placed in handbag-sized containers may only be transported on the train if they are on a leash and are wearing a muzzle. You will also need to purchase a travel ticket at the child price. When accommodating your pet, please do so to the best of your knowledge and ability. 

Companion animal: Your companion dog can travel for free after registration in advance and upon presentation of an official/medical certificate stating that their presence is required at all times. Please also see our Persons with Reduced Mobility page for more information.

Regulation for FlixTrain rides in Sweden:

Pets are not allowed on FlixTrain, except for guide/companion dogs.

Your companion dog can travel for free after registration in advance and upon presentation of an official/medical certificate. Please also see our Persons with Reduced Mobility page for more information.