Your Free Onboard Entertainment

During your FlixTrain ride, connect to our free Onboard Entertainment on your personal device.

There is always free Wi-Fi on board our buses.


Connect to the FlixTrain Wi-Fi.


Open and start exploring!

Having trouble connecting to the Onboard Entertainment?

  • You connected to the FlixTrain Wi-Fi, but nothing happened or you left the Portal and are not sure how to get back to it:
    Usually, you will get redirected to the log-in screen automatically after connecting to the FlixTrain Wi-Fi. If this does not happen automatically or if you have left the Portal, you can access it at any time by going to

  • You entered, but you get redirected here every time:
    Make sure your device is connected to the FlixTrain Wi-Fi, as certain devices sometimes switch back to the mobile network.

A World of Entertainment is Waiting for You!

Watch - Enjoy your ride with a wide selection of movies and TV shows from our extensive database.

Listen - Simply want to enjoy the landscape and scenery from your seat? Listen to our selection of audiobooks provided by Audible.

Read - Immerse yourself in a fantasy world or inspiring life stories with our selection of fiction and non-fiction e-books provided by Kobo. Not a bookworm? Choose from a range of magazines provided by sharemagazines.

Play - Time will fly by with our large selection of engaging fantasy, strategy and puzzle games.

Your free Entertainment on Board

Trip Information

Entertainment is just one part of the FlixTrain experience. In the Portal, you’ll also find some relevant information about your FlixTrip. In the My Journey section, you can access the current location of the coach at any time. Soon, you will also be able to see the exact route and the current estimated time of arrival – so stay tuned for the next update of the Portal!

Have a great trip and enjoy the FlixTrain Onboard Entertainment!