Train Routes

Currently, we are offering you fast and affordable train routes between Cologne and Hamburg as well as Stuttgart and Berlin.

Stuttgart - Berlin

Since August 2017, we are offering you fast and comfortable train rides between Stuttgart and Berlin via Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Hanover. Starting in April, the trains on this route will be painted green.

Stops: Stuttgart - Vaihingen - Heidelberg - Weinheim - Darmstadt - Frankfurt - Hanau - Fulda - Kassel - Goettingen - Hanover - Wolfsburg - Berlin

Cologne - Hamburg (Starting on the 23rd of March 2018)

From March 23rd onwards, you can travel with our green trains between Cologne and Hamburg via Duesseldorf, Essen and Osnabrueck.

Stops: Cologne - Duesseldorf - Duisburg - Essen - Gelsenkirchen - Münster - Osnabrueck - Hamburg

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