7 Great Ideas for Things To Do on the Train

There are plenty of things one can do in order to enjoy long train trips such as listen to music, read a book, or take some time to get inner peace. Check out our 7 great ideas for things to do on the train.  

1. Socialize

Two people enjoying each others company on a train

A great time to meet new friends and interesting people is when traveling with FlixTrain. Combine two great things at the same time: traveling and making friends. Friendships usually result from common interests and similarities in personality and a train ride with FlixTrain actually demonstrates this: You are going to the same destination, you have the same approach to life, and you enjoy traveling by train. Even if your seat neighbor is not the same age as you, chances are you have a lot in common. Start a conversation and you might plant the seed for a long-lasting friendship.  

Eating has always been a natural way of bringing people together so why not check out our restaurant cart. We serve refreshments such as snacks, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks which are best enjoyed in the company of others. 

2. Play games with friends

Your train trip is the perfect time to play some games with your friends. Be it traditional card games such as Go Fish, Rummy, or Crazy Eights, playing cards is something for all ages and never gets boring. For the ones with a bit darker humor and wants to share some laughs with your friends you might want to try something more modern and edgier such the famous card game Cards Against Humanity

If you by chance are traveling alone, why not exercise your brain by doing crosswords or Sudoku? By doing crosswords you flex a very specific part of the brain that oversees your vocabulary, so doing crosswords actively help you learn new words. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn some sophisticated words on the train and sound super smart when you meet your friends at your destination?  

Another great idea to escape time and space is to read a good book. Bring a book on your train ride and emerge yourself into the fictional world and before you know it, you’re arriving at your destination. 

3. Pop in your headphones

A smartphone with music on it connected with headphones

Listen to music

Bring music with you on our train and enjoy the scenery passing by. Not only is music great for relaxation and reducing stress, it has also been found that it can make you happier, healthier and more productive. By listening to music of your own choice it can spur creativity and help completing tasks faster than if not listening to music. So, if you just want to relax or get things done on the train, music is a great tool. Check out our suggestion of great music to listen to while on the train. 

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of making time fly and there are podcasts for everything! Want to know the latest gossip in Hollywood? Are you interested in hearing experts evaluating the latest football games? Or maybe you are curious how we can be less rude to bees? Podcasts are a great way of learning about all of this. Have a look at our suggestions of the best podcasts available. Put on your headphones and enjoy the ride!

4. Watch a movie or series

A person typing on their computer

Maybe the best way of making time go faster is watching a good movie or series so make sure to prepare your device for your trip. Did you know that during the time it takes between Hamburg and Cologne, you can watch the first, second and the third Harry Potter movies? And between Berlin and Stuttgart you’ll generally be able to binge watch 4.5 episodes of the first season of Game of Thrones. If you don’t know what to watch, here are IMDB’s top 100 movies of all time. You don’t have to be afraid of running out of battery on your device, there are power sockets conveniently placed next to your seat. Keep up to date with the latest movies and series on FlixTrain so you don’t miss out on the hype.

5. Plan your trip

A great thing to do on the train is to plan your upcoming trip. For example, what can I do in the city? What are things I shouldn’t miss? Here are some inspiring examples of what to look for in different cities.

  • Cologne: One thing you should definitely check out in Cologne is the Cologne Catherdral, now a UNESCO site. This massive building makes for great photos and to soak up some of the German history. Another thing the city is famous for is its beer, the Kölsch, a must try! 
  • Stuttgart: If you’re a car lover you have come to the right place! Two things you really don’t want to miss are the Mercedes-Benz museum and the Porsche museum. Go and check out all the cool cars!
  • Berlin: Where to begin… This city has so much to offer and so many things you cannot miss. Some of the classical examples are The Berlin Wall, Brandenburger Tor, and Checkpoint Charlie. Not feeling like doing the classical tourist stuff? Then explore the vibrating nightlife and grab a falafel!

6. Meditate

Rocks balancing on each other

While riding the train it is a great time to disconnect from the everyday life and get some peace and spend some time for yourself. Meditating has become a very popular activity in order to reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, increase focus or simply to just become more present. And the great thing is that you can practice meditation anywhere, so why not take a couple of minutes for yourself on the train? If you are meditating for the first time it may not be very easy knowing what to do, so here are some tips: 

  • Sit or lie comfortably 
  • Take a couple of deep breaths and close your eyes
  • Focus your attention on your breath and how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation
  • Notice how your chest, stomach and shoulders move
  • If your mind wanders simply return to focusing on your natural breath

At first you can do this practice for a couple of minutes and increase the amount of time as you practice more. 

7. Still got some time left?

If you, despite the above-mentioned suggestion, still got time left, consider this: Recent research suggest boredom can be something positive. Being bored is basically a result of a lack of external stimulation, there is nothing exciting or interesting happening around you. We’ve all been stuck in traffic at some point and gotten extremely frustrated and bored because nothing is happening. But here’s the good part, when we are bored, we start thinking about things, we let our imagination wander to places it normally doesn’t go. When we start thinking about things in new ways, that’s when great ideas can be discovered. So, if you ever feel bored on the FlixTrain, relax, you might be minutes away from a million-dollar idea!

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