Baggage on a FlixTrain

Find out about FlixBus baggage policy

Each FlixTrain provides you with sufficient space for your baggage, of course. We kindly ask you to read through the following points carefully so that your train trip will be as pleasant and safe as possible.

Generally speaking, your ticket includes the free carry-on of

  • hand baggage item.
  • In addition to the hand baggage, you may carry with you one large item. Large items must be easy to carry and not bulky baggage or items which can be carried by one person alone. For storage, you may use the baggage racks in the car as well as the spot above and below your seat. You are responsible for monitoring your baggage yourself.

Bicycle transport

Each train provides you with reservable bicycle stowage spaces. Bicycles must be of a standard size, without additional attachments, and may not exceed a weight of 25 kg (55.1 lbs). Generally speaking, we recommend that you book the bicycle stowage spaces early due to limited capacity. Transporting bicycles costs 9 EUR each, regardless of the length and ticket price of the connection.

Strollers / wheelchairs / walking aids

Assembled strollers may only be brought on board designated trains with multipurpose cars due to reasons of space. In order to transport assembled strollers, you may need to reserve a place to park it on designated trains. On trains without multipurpose cars, we can only transport collapsed strollers. These are to be stowed in a manner that does not affect other passengers.  
Wheelchairs and walking aids must be reported to us by telephone no later than 36 hours before departure. Please also notify us if you require assistance when boarding the train.

Taking pets

Taking pets is only allowed on connections that only involve a train and do not have any trip legs that use a bus. You may take with you living pets that are small (up to the size of a house cat), not dangerous, and carried in suitable, stable containers. The containers must be designed in such a way that they do not adversely affect people and property. Pets are not to be transported on passenger seats. Pets are transported free of charge. Dogs that cannot be placed in containers like hand baggage may be transported on the train if they are on a leash and are wearing a muzzle. You will also need to purchase a travel ticket in accordance with the fare conditions.
When accommodating your pet, please do so to the best of your knowledge and ability.

Forgot your baggage?

Please report your missing baggage item to our Lost & Found office. We will help you with your problem as quickly as we can!